Our Impact

Our enthusiastic team foresees a successful future ahead for Kinspire. We work tirelessly today so that the children in need will have a better tomorrow. Our goal is to create many more partnerships with a network of orphanages across India. We will ensure that even as we expand, our current personal and detail-oriented approach is maintained.

Kinspire aims to make a life-altering difference in every child’s education plan. We hope to be recognized as a career counselor, life coach, and best friend for students of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. In order to touch more children’s lives, we’ll need more helping hands. We want to see Kinspire’s team build into a large body of volunteers all over the world.

Kinspire’s mission is focused on working on projects that directly impact the children that we work with. Through these projects, we execute on our two pillars of educating and inspiring. Alongside our projects, we hope to raise awareness about the support that these passionate children need and deserve through events and campaigns.


Call Pals

Kinspire Call Pals is a program built to help students within our partner orphanages in India with their verbal English and leadership skills by connecting them to generous individuals like you!

Skype Tutoring

Skype Tutoring is Kinspire’s flagship project, which connects tutors from the United States with the children in the orphanages through Skype-based English lessons. This project forms the core of Kinspire’s mission, giving the children access to educational resources with the combined power of technology and passionate volunteers.


Kinspire’s Portal is a desktop/mobile application to help students stay connected with learning materials and continue to reinforce the skills they are learning and working on in school and Kinspire’s video tutoring lessons.