Our Impact

Our enthusiastic team foresees a successful future for Kinspire. Our team works relentlessly today so that children in need will have a better tomorrow. Our goal is to seek & partner with Child Care Institutions across India to extend educational opportunity to all children. Kinspire is committed to maintaining an authentic and focused approach throughout all of its ventures.

Kinspire aims to make a meaningful difference in every child’s educational dream. We hope to be recognized as a career counselor, personal tutor, and best friend for students of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. In order to touch more lives, we will need more hands on deck. Kinspire’s vision is to expand its volunteer base enough to impact beyond India and across the world.


Kinspire Scholars

Our Kinspire Scholars program provides students in partner CCIs the opportunity to pursue higher education in a field of their choice upon high school graduation. By extending financial support to alleviate additional costs and a professional mentor to provide career guidance, this program helps actualize our students’ dreams.
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To learn more and contribute to the Kinspire Scholars Fundraiser please click here.

Call Pals

Our Call Pals program helps students in partner CCI’s develop their English skills by giving them the opportunity to converse with their paired Pal on a weekly basis. Students will become better communicators and advocates for themselves by learning from generous individuals like you!
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Video Tutoring

Our Video Tutoring program is the Kinspire’s flagship project. This program helps students in our partner CCI’s strengthen their leadership skills virtually by connecting them to tutors in the United States through video communication platforms.
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Kinspire’s Portal is a desktop/mobile application to help students stay connected to various educational resources between their virtual lessons. This asynchronous platform enables students to advance their academic passions at any time they desire and requires volunteers who are interested in further building and monitoring it.
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Career Mela | July 2018

This event was hosted at the Lion’s Club in Secunderabad, TS. This event brought children from two different CCIs together and a panel of various community leaders spoke about their interests and experiences in their respective professions. Students were then allowed to ask them questions and further engage with them to learn more

Innovation Challenge | April 2018

Kinspire’s first-ever Innovation Challenge, attracted many young brilliant minds to create, solve and design solutions that benefited many students around the globe! They also got the chance to meet mentors and other experts from their own community!

Artist Gala | September 2016

Kinspire decided to shine some light on the local talent in the Greater Seattle area- artists ranging from painters to dancers to writers.