Scholars Program

Kinspire aims to support the educational and career aspirations of children in child care institutions (CCIs) in India. Current efforts have included the creation of programs to support the children’s English, leadership and professional skills. A main component of the children’s success also includes scholarship for formal education. Many of the children in our partner CCIs attend government schools during the early years of their schooling. As they transition to upper years of schooling (inter-college and beyond), these students have higher financial needs to pursue the careers of their choice. 

Through a competitive application process, Kinspire will select up to five eligible students from each partner CCI and provide them the funds they need for specified educational programs. Through our program, we’ve discovered that on average $1000 should cover tuition, housing, and books for five student for a year!

Candidate Selection Process:

  1. Students submit applications through the Kinspire website
  2. Kinspire processes applications and invites students to interview
  3. Students interview with Kinspire Directors
  4. Holistic review will be completed to select scholars
  5. Kinspire announces their scholars for the year!

Our goal is to provide students in CCIs the opportunity to pursue higher education in a field of their choice while reducing their financial burden. Additionally, we hope to provide these students with the connections and resources they need to become successful in their career paths.

If you’d like to learn more about our students or donate towards our cause please click the buttons below. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at