Newsletter 12-2021

Kinspire Newsletter 12-2021

We, at Kinspire, work tirelessly today so that the children in need will have a better tomorrow. Our goal is to create many more partnerships with a network of orphanages across India. We will ensure that even as we expand, our current personal and detail-oriented approach is maintained.

We aim to make a life-altering difference in every child’s education plan. We hope to be recognized as a career counselor, life coach, and best friend for students of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. In order to touch more children’s lives, we’ll need more helping hands. We want to see Kinspire’s team build into a large body of volunteers all over the world.

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Kinspire and Covid-19 in India

Kinspire and COVID-19 in India

In February, some countries started planning for the post-pandemic reality, while India was just beginning to see the deadly impact of the COVID-19 virus. In a nation with an already fragile healthcare system and a population that accounts for 14% of the world’s, managing the spread of the virus was a nearly impossible task.

As the government tried to slow down the spread through curfews, lockdowns, and mask mandates, many families found themselves helpless and scared. Children who were forced to stay home were missing out on the mental and physical help they needed to get through the pandemic. Donors understandably focused on sending donations and resources to help with medical supplies and equipment. Critically, this led to a decrease in funding and resources for childcare institutions, which were now tasked with providing safe shelter for children in these difficult times.

In response, the volunteers at Kinspire came together to raise funds for the childcare institutions. Even though we couldn’t provide direct support on the ground, we could at least help them in their recovery with monetary support through the upcoming months.

Kinspire UW created a bingo fundraiser for college students to donate what they could and Kinspire raised funds through volunteer gear and individual contributions. All the money from the fundraisers is going towards the childcare institutions’ utility bills, rent, and any resources the students may need to continue their education remotely.

As cases are starting to decrease and recovery rates are increasing, we hope you can join us in helping the students make a smooth transition into a post-COVID-19 India. If you are interested, please consider making a donation towards our Kinspire Tech Fundraiser (attach link). Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and simply sharing it with friends is also very impactful.

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” – Zen proverb.