Innovation Challenge


Kinspire’s first-ever Innovation Challenge, attracted many young brilliant minds to create, solve and design solutions that benefited many students around the globe! They also got the chance to meet mentors and other experts from their own community!

Artist Gala


Kinspire decided to shine some light on the local talent in the Greater Seattle area- artists ranging from painters to dancers to writers.

Holiday Hunt


Heavy monsoon rains dreadfully flooded various regions of the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, leaving millions of citizens injured and hundreds deceased.

Kinspire, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, hosted a scavenger hunt at Pike Place Market to aid a couple orphanages in Chennai, which were greatly affected by the floods. Guests received a list of tasks to complete and objects to retrieve by the end of the night! The fastest three groups to complete the list received some amazing prizes, and everyone else received awesome consolation prizes!

Day of Indian Arts


A Day of Indian Arts was a workshop-style community event, showcasing a variety of arts across the Indian subcontinent! There was dancing, singing, instruments, yoga, clay diya-making and food!

August Kid-to-Kid Camp


Helping kids in India with donations from kids in the United States of America!